Types of diseases treated year wise :

1. Defeciency Disease
2. Digestive Disorders
3. Infectious Disease
4. Metabolic Disease
5. Parasitic Disease

The following graph depicts the details of disease profiles for the last five years.

The department has been carrying out intensive vaccination against the common diseases of the livestock particularly Foot and Mouth Disease, Hemorrhagic Septicemia and Black quarter. The following graphs depicts the district wise incidences of above diseases.

Incidence of FMD


The district wise incidences of HS & BQ have been on the decreasing trend which indicates the result of effective vaccination taken up for the last several years and improvement in the bio-security measures adopted by the farmers of the State. The state has given due importance to poultry diseases and the following graph represents the district wise incidences of Ranikhet disease.

Incidence of ranikhet disease

Disease investigation laboratories have been carrying out fecal examinations and the following graph depicts the parasitic profile for the year 2009-10. The incidences of Nematode are the highest and during awareness camps deworming of livestock is emphasized.

report on parasitic infromation

Laboratory report of common diseases particularly of Mastitis, Hematuria, Mange and Haemoglobinuria is depicted in the graph below. Package of preventive measures are stressed during various campaigns.

lab examination report