State Livestock policy :

1. Current Policy Environment:
Sikkim became a State in the Indian Union in 1975.The Government of Sikkim does not yet have a unified policy framework for the livestock sector in the state. With the singular exception of Orissa, no other state in India has articulated a unified livestock policy framework so far. Sikkim is among the few states in the country now attempting to review its livestock sector comprehensively with a view to understand the contribution of livestock to livelihoods, household incomes and rural self employment; in order to formulate a policy framework appropriate to the social, economic and environmental importance of the sector.
Livestock sector in Sikkim is highly livelihood intensive, agriculture along with livestock is the single largest employer in the state, over 80 per cent of the rural households in the state own livestock and earn supplementary incomes from them, distribution of livestock holdings is less iniquitous - over 85 per cent of all species of livestock are owned by the marginal and small holders. For this reason, income from  [ More]