Sikkim Poultry Development Corporation (SPDC)


Sikkim Poultry Development Corporation was set up in the year 1995 for promotion of poultry activities in the state of Sikkim. Today most of the poultry activities of the Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services Department are organized through SPDC. 

Today Sikkim Poultry Development Corporation has been providing subsidy to the poultry growers of Sikkim on the day old chicks. This subsidy has been ranging from Rs. 10 per day old chicks to Rs. 2 per day old chicks depending upon the market fluctuations. This subsidy on the day old chicks has created a very positive impact on the poor and marginal farmers of Sikkim and they have been encouraged to take up medium sized poultry farm activities on a commercial scale. As a result, there are approximately 5000 poultry growers who are taking up poultry activities on a continuous and regular basis and supplying their products to the various markets in Sikkim and in West Bengal. 

Sikkim Poultry Development Corporation has also provided three utility vehicles to sister organization Denzong Agriculture Cooperative Society as a marketing support. These utility vehicles are used for carrying poultry of local farmers to the end customers under the umbrella of Denzong Agriculture Cooperative Society.

Every year Department is providing poultry scheme under the state plan through SPDC to more than 500 nos. of farmers. Under the scheme new beneficiaries are provided grant for construction of shed, day old chicks, feed, saw dust, etc.