The Breeding Cell during the year of 2010-11 has made significant achievement in the field of Breeding through Natural service (use of good quality breeding bulls) and artificial Inseminations (Artificially Inseminating a cow for pregnancy). The Cell was able to allot 24 nos of Quality bulls to different villages and Panchayats. Also escalating Milk production through Breeding is very visible in the cows of 2nd and 3 generation. As of now there are 116 quality breeding bulls of in the field performing the service. Likewise the Cell also was able to cull 13 nos of Breeding bulls which were either unserviceable or had crossed the serviceable age during the year.
Likewise the Cell was able to train Private A.I Workers in the state and have made them self sufficient where they are enticed with all the paraphernalia where they sell their technical knowhow. In the year 2010-11 the Breeding Cell / SLDB was able to train 30 Private A.I Workers from different corners of the state. As of now there are 143 A.I Centers as well.
The Breeding Cell / SLDB Under the Common minimum programme of the GOI impedes the insurance of cattle and buffalo females which was initiated with the aim of supporting the farmers during the time of crisis. The Breeding Section under the NPCBB programme carries the insurance programme where the Company the Oriental Insurance was selected after drawing quotation of minimum insurance rate quote. Here the farmer needs to give only 50% of the premium and the remaining 50% of the premium share is provided by the Government. The Breeding Section /SLDB till 20010-11 was able to insure 7459 cows and female buffaloos till date with 495 claims settlement.
The State due to high demand of Milk a rapid cross breeding programme was initiated where the local breed of Cattle SIRI population started dwindling. An initiative by the Department to conserve the Breed despite its low milk production is on the way. This programme is established in areas like Chujachen and Ralong. Pure Bred SIRI bulls are procured from the farmers and reared at Ralong SIRI Bull Rearing Unit, and are ultimately allotted to the farmers for further line breeding to the cows of the same breed.
The Cell / SLDB also under the NPCBB project establishment and functionalized a New Training Centre for A.I at Deorali with all the hostel facilities. The Training of 30 New Private A.I workers were conducted during the year and has been established. All the Breeding related training to Veterinary Officers, Bull Keepers, Paravets and A.I Workers are conducted throughout the year at this premises.
The Breeding Cell / SLDB also sent 10 Veterinarians to BAIF Pune Maharastra for training on Breeding Management to keep a pari pasu with the latest technologies in Breeding and other Animal Husbandry related latest technologies.

Total No of Artificial Insemination and Natural Service in the year 2001-02,2004-05,05-06,08-09,09-10 and 2010-11.

Comparative Calf Birth through A.I and NS in the year 2001-02,2004-05,2007-08,2008-09,09-10 and 2010-2011