Centrally Sponsored Scheme- Assistance to State Poultry Farm

Being located in the lap of Himalayas Sikkim 's terrain is not congenial for setting up a big Industry. So it is dependent mainly of Agriculture activities. To supplement the income of the people and also to provide nutrition to the people poultry activities has been considered ideal keeping in view the condition prevailing the State. Also people are familiar with the husband dry norms of poultry activities with minor training it is possible for the people of the state to adopt themselves with the scientific process of maintenance of poultries.


Taking above facts into consideration the following projects were launched in the districts.


1. Government Layer Farm Karfectar. South Sikkim. Sanctioned order dated 9.8.99 Rs. 45 Lakhs Year of Establishment
2, Government layer Farm Chuchachen

East Sikkim



Rs. 45 Lakhs


3. Govt Letter Farm Kamling, West Sikkim 43-41/03/L773
53/04 LDT/P


42.50 Lakh

42.50 Lakh


4. Govt. Layer Farm Rhenock

East Sikkim


5. Govt. Layer Farm Gyaha

(West Sikkim)

6. Govt. Layer Farm

Nandugaon. South Sikkim


85 Lakhs  
7. Govt. Laver Farm Chadey,

North Sikkim

  85 Lakhs  
8. Govt Layer Farm. Bermoick

South Sikkim

  85 Lakhs  
  Govt Broiler Farm, Sirwani Not yet completed 85 Lakhs  


All the above five Poultry Laryer Farms newly established with following facilities.
1. The layer sheds are under California Cage with automatic feeder channel system.
2. Drinker is providing with Nipple Drinker System.
3. The labour cost, wastage of feed is minimum.
To ensure proper monitoring of the scheme department already selected Nodal Officer, Supervising Officer & Implementing Officer and requisite fund already been received by respective In-charge oldie district.

A detail report of different farm (Photo) enclosed herewith for ready reference please.


1   To develop eco- friendly poultry industry in the state of Sikkim for sustainable livelihood. l    To become self sufficient in      the poultry meat production for all the requirements of state
      including for tourism and industrial sectors by March 2011.
2   To provide income opportunities to the small and marginal farmers who have small land
      holding as the sector ensures high return as compared to the traditional agricultural activities.
3    To produce fast growing breed of broiler & high yielding layers.
4   To ensure availability of quality poultry meat and eggs for improving the nutrition and health
      of people duly maintaining bio-security measures.
5   To promote private entrepreneurship for commercial poultry by providing requisite inputs,
      training for skill development and marketing facilities ensuring remunerative process tithe
6  To promote supporting industries like feed production as well as setting up hatcheries for
      income and employment generation and also to ensure low cost structure for