1)  Ten members from each constituency will be selected in a cluster to form co-operative and
    will be provided with grant-in-aid of Rs. 10,000/- and equipments in kind as a one time

2) Member will constitute of 50% woman beneficiaries.

3)  There will be 50 % representatives from SC and ST communities

4)  200 Chicks will be provided free of cost to each to each of the 300 beneficiary as a one time

5) Each beneficiary will ne provided 300 Kgs of chick starter feed as a one time grant.

6) Chicks will be provided at a subsidized rate to all existing and new farmers for sustainability.

7)  Providing feed at the cheapest rate through SIMFED.

8)  Strengthening of Bermiok Hatcheries and encouraging private hatcheries.

9)  Marketing support through Denzong Agriculture Co-operative Society Ltd.

10) Promote large commercial poultry Industry through financing agencies like NABARD &
     SISCO Bank.

11)  Training and exposure trip both inside and outside the state.

12)  Departmental farm to be made fully functional so as to serve both as a production center as
    well as demonstration farm in order to support the entrepreneurs and farmers.