Poultry Development :


Sikkim Hatcheries Limited, Bermiok

Cage type layer poultry at Nandugaon, South Sikkim


Hon'ble Chief Minister, Dr. Pawan Chamling launching Poultry Mission 2009-2012 on the occasion of Independence Day, 2009

Training Cum Practical Exposure on Commercial Poultry Management & Production Held at State Poultry Farm

In the last 15 years, tremendous progress has been made in the poultry sector in the state of Sikkim. Today Sikkim has become self sufficient in the broiler meat production. Today the broiler meat production is more than 400 MT per month and is sufficient to meet the requirements of domestic population as well as tourists and army establishments. For the poultry development, State Government has developed several infrastructural facilities for the poultry sector.

I. Setting up Sikkim Poultry Development Corporation (SPDC)

Sikkim Poultry Development Corporation was set up in the year 1995 for promotion of poultry activities in the state of Sikkim. Today most of the poultry activities of the Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services Department are organized through SPDC.

Today Sikkim Poultry Development Corporation has been providing subsidy to the poultry growers of Sikkim on the day old chicks. This subsidy has been ranging from Rs. 10 per day old chicks to Rs. 2 per day old chicks depending upon the market fluctuations. This subsidy on the day old chicks has created a very positive impact on the poor and marginal farmers of Sikkim and they have been encouraged to take up medium sized poultry farm activities on a commercial scale. As a result, there are approximately 5000 poultry growers who are taking up poultry activities on a continuous and regular basis and supplying their products to the various markets in Sikkim and in West Bengal.

Sikkim Poultry Development Corporation has also provided three utility vehicles to sister organization Denzong Agriculture Cooperative Society as a marketing support. These utility vehicles are used for carrying poultry of local farmers to the end customers under the umbrella of Denzong Agriculture Cooperative Society.

Every year Department is providing poultry scheme under the state plan through SPDC to more than 500 nos. of farmers. Under the scheme new beneficiaries are provided grant for construction of shed, day old chicks, feed, saw dust, etc.

II. Setting up of Sikkim Hatcheries Limited

Sikkim Hatchery Ltd. (SHL) is a sister organization of the Sikkim Poultry Development Corporation (SPDC), the concept of integrated poultry development was conceived in the year 1997 which envisaged a Hatchery and patent stock farm for the supply of hatching eggs to the hatchery. As a consequence to the decision taken by the government of Sikkim, Tokal Bermiok, South Sikkim was selected as the site of the hatchery and the construction work and installation of the machines

was initiated in collaboration with M/S Vanketeshwar Hatcheries Pune.

Over the years SHL has been strengthened to meet the continuous increasing demand of the Day Old Chicks. The total numbers of setters and hatchers in the hatchery building at Bermiok is as under:

Year 1998- Two double conventional setters and one Hatcher.
Year 2003- Two double conventional setters and one Hatcher.
Year 2009- One double super VJ setter and one double Hatcher.
Year 2010- One double super VJ setter and one double conventional Hatcher

As a result installed capacity of Sikkim Hatcheries Limited, Bermiok, is 1,50,000 day old chicks per month.

III. Development of State Poultry Farms

State Government has set up several state poultry farms to act as a training and demonstration unit for the local farmers and unemployed youths. These state poultry farms are having state of the art technology especially the five poultry farms inaugurated by the Hon'ble Chief Minister, Dr. Pawan Chamling in the year 2009. These poultry farms were set up in the following years.

  Name of State Poultry Farm

Year of Establishment

1.   Chujachen Poultry Farm, East District 2000
2. Karfectar Poultry Farm, South District   2000
3. Kamling Poultry Farm, West District 2005
4. Nandugaon Poultry Farm, South District 2009
5. Bermiok Poultry Farm, South District 2009
6. Gyaba Poultry Farm, West District 2009
7. Rhenock Poultry Farm, East District 2009
8. Chandey Poultry Farm, North District 2009
9. Shirwani Poultry Farm, East District to be ready by Nov' 2010

The first three poultry farms are used for keeping the parent stock for the backyard poultry like Kalinga brown, Van raja breed of birds. Other five poultry farms are used for rearing of commercial layer poultry breed like white legion, etc. for egg production. The installed capacity of each poultry farms is 3000 birds and at present are producing 30,00,000 table eggs per annum. This has really helped state in achieving self sufficiency in the broiler as well as in layer poultry. Sherwani Poultry farm will be used for production of hatching eggs for Sikkim Hatcheries Limited, Bermiok.

IV. Rural backyard Poultry Scheme

Under this poultry scheme, a large number of BPL families are provided 45 nos. of low input technology month old birds in two installments. Besides that each family is also provided Rs. 750 for night shelter. These low input technology birds of breeds like Van Raja, RIR, Kalinga Brown, etc. survive even in the household backyard and provide very good source of nutrition for the children of rural poor as well as give them some source of income at the time of requirement. In the last two years, approximately 3000 BPL families are covered resulting in increase in level of nutrition and source of income for these families.

V. Other Initiatives

State Government is providing credit cum subsidy scheme to the educated unemployed youth to take up large scale commercial poultry activities. Under these schemes, 15% subsidy is provided to the youths on the project cost and they are also provided one month training inside the state as well as outside the state. This has resulted in large number of youths taking up poultry activities.


State Government is setting up a modern state of the art poultry processing unit at Mellidara in South Sikkim at a total cost of Rs. 353.00 lakhs for providing marketing help to the local farmers.

To give a With the efforts of the State Government, in the last five years, there has been continuous increase in the poultry production in the state as under:-


Total Production (Poultry, Egg & Broiler)


Local Poultry



6 MT



12 MT






10 MT



12 MT


The state has already become surplus in broiler meat production and the excess meat is being marketed in the neighboring state of west Bengal. Similarly, the egg production in the state and per capita availability of eggs is continuously increasing (Annexure – IV).

VI. Poultry Mission 2009-2012

On the occasion of 15th Aug' 2009, a landmark initiative was taken by Government of Sikkim when Hon'ble Chief Minister launched poultry mission for Sikkim for the year 2009-2012. Sikkim state is self sufficient in broiler poultry meat production at the present consumption level, but Sikkim wants to achieve consumption level of poultry meat and table eggs at par with the developed countries of the world so as to give best nutrition to citizens. Further meat consumption level is also to be increased from to 18 kgs per capita and 43 table eggs per capita per annum. Sikkim also wants to avail tremendous export potential of poultry products to outside the state. Hence present level of poultry meat production of 2000MT will be increased to 4000MT per year. To achieve these targets following strategies are adopted under poultry Mission 2009-2012.

  • Strengthen the Bermiok hatcheries of Sikkim Poultry Development Corporation to ensure uninterrupted supply of day old Broiler chicks to poultry growers without fail. In case of enhanced demand setting up of more hatcheries in public as well private sector. Total day old chicks production capacity will be increased to 3,00,000 per month.
  • Ensure competitiveness and for encouragement to beginners by providing day old Broiler chicks at subsidized rate. This will also ensure reasonable rate to end consumers and poor will also be able to afford nutritional food. In 2009 we gave subsidy of Rs. 10/- per DOC and presently also subsidy of Rs. 5/- per DOC is given.
  • Forming Poultry Co-operatives of small time growers to ensure economy of scale and sharing of risk. By the year 2015 atleast 200 such co-operatives societies will be formed.
  • To encourage more and more farmers to take up poultry, grant in aid will be provided for setting up poultry sheds. In the mission 1500 farmers will be provided subsidy.
  • Young entrepreneurs and educated unemployed youths will be assisted in taking up poultry in large commercial scale by providing them guidance in preparation of bankable projects and ensure supply of cheapest credit. We want to set up atleast 100 such farms by the year 2015 with capacity of 1000 birds or more.
  • Extension and training programs will be conducted in a exhaustive and detail manner for all the growers. Field visits and exposure trips will be organized to highlight success stories.
  • Denzong Agriculture Co-operative Society will be strengthened to provide marketing support. DACS already has tie up with army and they will do tie up with other large consumers.
  • To reduce the dependence on the other states for the broiler hatching eggs for hatching Bermoik farm at Bermiok and Siwani will be strengthened for parent stock.
  • Tie up will be done will feed producers, vaccines and other medicine producers through SIMFED to ensure cheapest availability to the farmers to ensure competitiveness.
  • State Poultry farms at Gyaba (Geyzing), Nandugaon, Bermiok, Shirwani, Rhenock, Chandey will be made to function at the full capacity for production of poultry meat and table eggs.
  • One poultry processing unit is set up at Melli, in South District which will have processing capacity of 2400 birds per day. If the need arises more will be set up to facilitate export of poultry.