Piggery Development

Training programme on Piggery Development

Sikkim has tremendous scope of Pig Industry. In Sikkim more than 70% people eat pork and pig farming can play an important role in improving the socio-economic status of the weaker sections of the communities. It is due to the food habits of the people in the hills, that in villages every household rears a few numbers of pigs to cater to their demand of meat the State Government has extended a great help to the weaker sections of the society by distributing Piglets to progressive farmers and also providing breeding boars to different Panchayat Units under Direct Benefits programme to farmers as Pig Breeders. The Department of Animal Husbandry Livestock Fisheries & Veterinary Services 6 Nos. of Piggery demonstrating farm at different district namely:-

  • BOP Piggery Farm Chungthang (North Sikkim) demonstration farm 30 saw unit establish during the year 1987, the breed rear at this farm was Hampshir, Large White Yorkshire and total piglets production was 3200 Nos. during the above said period.
  • Tingvong demonstration piggery farm (North Sikkim) establish in the year 1990.10 Saw unit.The breed rear was Hampshire. Production of piglets 150 Nos.
  • Gyaba Pigery demonstration Farm Gyalshing (West Sikkim) 30 saw unit and establish during the year 1986. In this farm breed rear was Hampshire & Durac. Piglet production was 3500 Nos. during the above said period.
  • Mangalbaria demonstration Piggery farm (West Sikkim) 10 saw unit establish during the year 1988. The piglet production in this farm was 200 Nos.
  • Karfectar Piggery Demonstration Farm (South Sikkim ) 20 saw unit establish during the year 1986 breed rear was Hampshire & Durac. Piglet production during that period was 3500 Nos.

Scheme in the Piggery Sector

  • Training of Officers & Staff of R.K.V.Y Scheme.
  • Training Programme of Piggery growers & distribution of piglet 9:1
    Piggery Growers will be sending training on piggery management outside the state on last week of September 2010. After completion of training they will get 9 Nos. of Female Piglet & 1 No of Male Piglet along with this they will get Rs. 100,000/- from construction of Piggery Shed as a subsidy. Piglet production from this Piggery Growers will be again distributed to different Panchayats level of the village , so that demand of Piglet in the state will fulfill.
  • Training Programme of educated unemployed youth.
    Total number of educated unemployed youth trained under piggery management training district wise.

    Piggery section



        M F   Data taken from extension &

    training cell.

    East   28 4 32
    West   36 12 48
    North   30 8 38
    South   12 8 20

  • Piggery Development for implementation scheme during 11 five year plan , NABARD is preparing the D.P.R for this project and they will be submitting the D.P. within last week of August.
  • The department have 5 Nos. of existing Piggery Farm. During the year 2009-2010 department is going to establish 2 Nos. of 50 Sow unit piggery farm under R.K.V.Y scheme at Assamlingzey East District & Mellidara at South District.

    The Piglets produce from this farm will be given to public in subsidized rate, this to ensure the Socio-Economic Status of weaker section of public.

    Now the production of piglet in existing farm is increase by 60% average. Male piglet is distributed to panchayat level for up-gradation of local breed of pig into cross breed.