No: 3/RMDD/P                                                     Dated: 29/04/2008


WHEREAS, the Constitution envisaged empowering people to enable them to decide on matters concerning their day to day life;AND WHEREAS, the Eleventh Schedule to the Constitution under Article 243G has stipulated 29 subjects to be transferred to the Panchayati Raj institutions;

NOW, THEREFORE, the State Government, in consonance with and in compliance to the constitutional provision, is pleased to devolve the functions, as given in the following Schedule, to the Zilla Panchayat and Gram Panchayat, in the manner as provided in their respective columns;



Name of Sector / Department

Activities under Zilla Panchayat

Activities under Gram Panchayat


Agriculture & Food Security

Identification of areas for all programmes.
National Agricultural Insurance Scheme.
Extension &  demonstration on organic farming
Conducting crop competition demonstration.
Deconstruction program (identification of area and beneficiaries).
Compensation for crop loss due to natural calamities.
Establishment of storage facilities.
Generate crop statistics.

Selection of beneficiaries for demonstration and organic manure production.
Assist in organizing crop competitions & exhibition.
Selection of beneficiaries for special program of organic farming.
Generating yield data.
Reporting of crop loss.
Maintenance of infra-structures.
Organizing & motivation for agriculture production.


Horticulture & Cash Crops.

Extension & demonstration on organic farming related to horticulture.
Conducting crop competition & exhibition.
Training & demonstration of
horticulture crops including fruits, Vegetables, potato, ginger & cardamom.
Create awareness in floriculture as commercial venture.
Assessment, verification and compensation of horticulture crop losses due to natural calamities.
Establishment of storage facilities.
Generate horticulture crop statistics.
Motivation and implementation of crop insurance

Extension & demonstration on organic farming related to horticulture and development of local entrepreneurs for production of organic manures.
Assist in organizing crop
Competitions & exhibitions.
Training & demonstration of horticulture crops through selection of right beneficiaries and areas.
Assessment and reporting of horticulture crop losses.
Maintenance of storage facilities.
Generate horticulture crop statistics.
Motivation of crop insurance programme.


Animal Husbandry, Livestock, Veterinary Services.

Rabies control, vaccination & elimination of affected animals.
Distribution of preventive materials for control of animal diseases Preventive measures.
Compilation of reports & dissemination of information.
Identification of areas for different types of animal development programme.
Quality monitoring.
Meat inspection & certification.
Programmes for fodder production.
Management of marketing of animal product. Assessment of production. Processing centres.
Training & awareness of animal husbandry related programmes.
Organizing district-level training, workshops & programmes.
Cross breeding – management of artificial insemination programmes.
Execution of works between Rs.2 to 5 lakhs.
Identifying areas for various types of fisheries

Reporting incidents & supervising implementation of works.
Reporting incidents & supervising implementation of works.
Supervision & local level survey.
Implementation of programmes.
Monitoring & regulation of wastes.
Identification of beneficiaries. Distribution of fodder.
Collection of products for large markets.
Assessment of production-collection centres.
Supervision of delivery of government services.
Identification of training needs of farmers.
Requisition of training programme.
Distribution of high-bred varieties of farm animals.
Execution of works upto Rs.2. lakhs.
Supervision of implementation.



Overall supervision of JHS except appointment and transfer of teachers.
All repairs & maintenance of JHS.
Supporting State authorities in survey & elated projects.
Literacy programmes.
Monitoring the programmes.
Construction of mid-day meal kitchen and its maintenance.

Overall supervision of functioning of PS and LPS except appointment snd transfer of teachers.
All repairs & maintenance work upto Rs.10 lakhs.
Identification of learner’s assisting in literacy survey.
Supervision of programmes.


Health & Family Welfare

To facilitate he formation of village health and sanitation committees ate the gram panchayat level.
To ensure and help District Health Missing under NRHM to prepare a need based demand driven socio demographic plans at the district level.
To oversee effective implementation of health and family welfare programmes as the district level by monitoring and supervising the functions and functionaries, by training, equipping and empowering panchayat members suitably to manage and supervise the functioning of health care infra-structure and man-power and further co-ordinate works of different departments such as Health & Family Welfare, Social Welfare, Public Health Engineering, Rural Development, etc., at the district level.
To ensure un-biased selection of ASHA in each village by panchayat members and to devise mechanism at the district level for monitoring of ASHA.
Awareness generation regarding all health and family welfare related issues and generate demand from the community regarding available services provision under different National Health Programmes and State Service Provision. To increase service utilization at different levels through different effective locally acceptable approaches.

Form village health and sanitation ;committee comprising of ANM/MPHW(M),ASHA,MSS, adequate representation for women members (Existing village sanitation committees under Total Sanitation campaign may be redesignated as Village Health and Sanitation Committees.
To ensure and help village level health committees under NRHM to prepare an area specific, need based, demand driven, socio-demographic plans at the village/sub-centre level.
To grant approval and ensure proper utilization of funds earmarked as untied funds under NRHM.
To ensure selection of sincere and dedicated ASHA in villages. To promote access to improved health care at he household level through female health activist (ASHA).
To demonstrate exemplary performance in compulsory registration of birth, deaths, marriages and pregnancies. Ensuring sage deliveries to bring a reduction in Infant Morality Rate (IMR) and Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR).
Identification of people in need of services and facilitate providing services in collaboration with village level health workers in respect of National Programmes like Reproductive and Child
Health, Blindness, TB Control, STD/HIV/AIDS, etc.
Keeping provision of fund for maternal and child health activities (referral of high risk cases, etc) in PRI budget.
Awareness generation regarding all health and family welfare related issues and to generate demand form the community for services under different National and State Health Programmes.


Forests, Environment and Wildlife.

Facilitation for marketing of saplings for government & private plantation.
Providing marketing facilities for medicinal plants & other forestry products.
Training for cultivation. Protection support to Smriti Van.
Support for control of forest fire. Prevention & control.
Awareness on grazing-regulated grazing.
Promotion ofNTFP-bamboo plantations.
Promotion of timber substitutes marketing.
Identification of gram Panchayats for the programme.Monitoring of the programme. Identification of gram panchayats for the programme.
Harvesting & distribution of fuel wood.
Implementation of creative.

Establishment of community nurseries.
Establishment of medical plants gardens for commercial purpose.
Establishment of Smriti vans.
Control of forest fires. Co-ordination with JFMC.
Control of grazing I forest land. Implementation of regulated grazing. Plantation of NTFP-production.
Micro-planning & implementation of soil conservation works.
Planning & implementation of Green Missing works.
Planning & implementation of fuel wood plantation in community lands.
Identification of sites.
Upkeep of parks & gardens.


Commerce & Industries

Providing assistance to trained beneficiaries to start their own units including credit support.
Organizing entrepreneurial development programmes.
Providing marketing facilities for cottage and village products.
Identifying locations for specific industrial & commercial activity.

Identification of beneficiaries for training.
Distribution of raw materials.
Promotion of cottage industries based on locally available materials.



Disaster Management

Assisting in assessment of damages during natural calamity.
Providing training on rescue and relief operation.
Co-ordinating with District Relief Committee and Village Relief Committee.
Investment in preventive measures and also preparedness.
Maintenance & minor repairs between Rs.10 to Rs.20 lakhs.

Mobilizing community organization for relief and rescue.
Organizing rescue and relief through the Gram Panchayat and Ward Disaster Management committees.
Temporary restoration of village road, water supply, schools & health centers. Identification of victims and providing relief.



Creation of minor irrigation channels

Identification of locations for minor irrigation channels.
All repairs of minor irrigation channels.


Cultural activities.

Identification and preservation of heritage sites.

Promotion of folk art.
Preservation of traditional culture and customs.
Rural (village) libraries.


Rural water supply.

All maintenance and new schemes between Rs.10 to Rs.20 lakhs

Minor repairs and new schemes upto Rs.10 lakhs.


Rural bridges.

All maintenance and new schemes between Rs.10 to Rs.20 lakhs.

Minor repairs and new schemes upto Rs.10 lakhs.


Rural sanitation.

Promoting environment friendly means of disposal of solid and liquid waste.
Maintenance of environmental hygiene.
Construction and maintenance of institutional and community latrines and bathing places.

Conducting environment friendly waste management through Gram Panchayat level Water and Sanitation Committees.
Construction and maintenance of Individual Sanitary latrines and bathing cubicles.



Promotion of cooperative movement.

Generating awareness of cooperatives.



Regulating building construction.
Rural street lightning and its maintenance.
Establishment & maintenance of crematoriums and burial places.
Regulating disposal of carcasses.
Construction of ICDS Centres.
Disbursement of OAP & SA.
Small Family Benefit Scheme.
National Family Benefit Scheme.
Promotion of eco-tourism.
Maintaining tourist’s infra-structure and amenities at the district level.
Promotion of use of renewable energy sources.
Maintaining haat sheds at the Sub-Divisional level markets not falling under the jurisdiction of ULBs.
Assisting the State Government. In collection of data/survey/maintenance of law & order and IEC activities.

Enforcing regulation for building construction.
Establishing facilities for generation of renewable energy sources.
Reporting on presence of dead carcasses.
Supervision and maintenance of ICDS Centres.
Maintaining tourist infra-structure and amenities at the village level.
Regulating the use of haat sheds at the Sub-Divisional level markets not falling under the jurisdiction of ULBs.
Collection of data for the state Government and reporting to the District Administration of the law & order situation including potential dangers and disturbances.


All centrally Sponsored Schemes

As per guidelines given by the GOI.

As per guidelines given GOI.

Under the transferred subjects, the plan proposals are to be prepared by the concerned line Departments with Gram Panchayat and Zilla Panchayat wise breakups, as per the guidelines provided in the Activity Mapping for this purpose.
The Planning, Development and the Finance Departments are to ensure that these allocations are made by these Departments and also ensure modalities for timely release of resources, directly, to these institutions and rendition of accounts thereof. A modality for submission of statement of accounts for the purpose of timely re-appropriation of likely unspent resources is also to be worked out.
Ensuring timely execution of works, arrange for their supervision, monitoring and reporting shall be the responsibility of the line Departments concerned.
The Officials and field functionaries deputed to the Gram Panchayat and Zilla Panchayats under this scheme shall have a lien to their parent departments concerned, but shall be directly under the administrative control of the concerned Zilla Panchayat and Gram Panchayat for the period of their posting under such Panchayats.

                                               (Anil Ganeriwala, IFS),
                                              Rural Management & Dev. Department