During Eleventh Five Year Plan (2008-09 to 2012-13) in order to carry out Dairy Development Programme in North District, Govt. of India sanctioned an outlay of Rs.274.45 lakhs under Intensive Dairy Development Programme 100% CSS. The IDDP Scheme is for a period of 5 years and it is being implemented by North District Milk Producers Cooperative Union Ltd. (NDMU Ltd.) .NDMU Ltd. was born on 27.3.2008 under State Cooperative Act 1978.

Major achievements under NDMU Ltd. during 2009-10 are summarized as under:

1. Mangan Milk Processing Plant which had a processing capacity of 900 Ltrs./Hr Microtherm Unit & which was established during 20 May 1998, major replacement of Plant & machineries with 2 TLPD capacity HTST System including the inclusion of a new IBT System was initiated. In addition to this Mangan Plant which is a Mother Plant for whole North District was revitalize with processing equipment like steam boiler, refrigeration unit with cold storage for milk, milk packaging machines and online S.S.Milk Chiller. All above works were initiated including civil Works within the existing Mangan Milk Processing Plant.NDMU Ltd. initiated the above works as per the prescribed physical & financial guidelines of GOI under IDDP & these changes within Mangan Plant was technically necessary as such milk processing facilities were not provided under IDDP when Mangan Plant was established under CSS during 1998.
2. Daily Milk procurement & marketing under NDMU Ltd. was ava 1000 Ltrs. NDMU Ltd. couldn't increase the procurement & marketing activities due to the complete installation works of Plant & machineries including Civil Works within existing Mangan Plant.
3. The cow induction programme 100 Nos. with 50:50 (50% GOI & 50% SISCO Bankable were initiated .
4. Establishment of an Administrative Building at Mangan for NDMU Ltd. under TSP was approved.
5. Establishement of 3 nos. Heifer sheds at a total cost of Rs.15.00 lakhs was approved.
6. A Total number of 35 Nos. milk collection/DCS are functioning within NDMU Ltd.
7. Milk procurement activities and supplies of polypacked pure cows milk was initiated within Chungthang sub-division which is a difficult Boarder Area in North District.
8. Regular supplies of subsidized transport costs cattle feeds are being supplied to Milk Producers.
9. Despite higher transport cost, expensive field management activities the Management of NDMU Ltd. is implementing Dairying Programme in North District as per its objectives laid down in its Bye-laws. Although NDMU Ltd. is only 2 yrs old & it is still under Developing stage but it has already started reaching benefits of Dairying to its producers in the remotest parts of North District which perhaps is the ultimate objective of creating NDMU Ltd.The procurement & marketing activities will surely increase within this financial year 2010-11.