Main Objectives :

Major objectives and strategies followed for livestock development during the years are as under:

  • Expand and strengthen infrastructure for artificial insemination, which improve its efficiency and effectiveness using frozen semen technology for crossbreeding purposes.
  • Create a seed stock of qualitatively superior bulls, which would form the nucleus germplasm pool to build milch herd of high production cattle.
  • Bring about genetic improvement of important livestock breeds through selective breeding and crossbreeding of low production non-descript stock, both for milk and for draught purposes. Steps are taken to conserve important indigenous breeds of the State.
  • Establish linkage between rural milk producers and urban consumers by replicating the "Anand Pattern" dairy cooperatives in the State and lessen the adverse impact of seasonal imbalances in milk production and marketing.
  • Improve the productivity of pasture lands by introducing improve fodder seeds and increased use of wasteland for fodder production.
  • Optimise the use of crop residue through provision of appropriate supplements and conservation of green fodder.
  • Promote stall-feeding in order to reduce overgrazing and degradation of village grazing lands.
  • Develop adequate animal health services for protection of livestock, with special emphasis on eradication of most prevalent diseases in the State
  • Explore the marketing avenues for sale of livestock products like wool, meat, eggs and day old chicks, cheese and utilize by-products of slaughter waste as well as to find export-oriented programmes of the State livestock products.