Extention And Training Cell :

  Farmers Awareness Programme  
Navey Shotak, East Sikkim Pacheykhani, East Sikkim
  Langang, West Sikkim          Bongten, West Sikkim
              Toyang, West Sikkim         Yangtey, West Sikkim
              Omchung, West Sikkim          Pakshep, West Sikkim

As evidenced by the study pertaining to livestock economy in the rural areas, there emerges a clear picture of increasing dependency on livestock for the livelihood with the increase in altitude from 64.5% in the subtropical zone to 85% in the continental zone. The dependency in the dry zone for economic sustenance of the household has been seen 100%.
At present scenario the increase trend of population has been seen causing distinct declination in the per capita land availability. This would definitely calls for the need to adopt more scientific approach towards livestock farming. On the other hand the increasing demand of livestock products in the State needs to be fulfilled by increasing productivity & production. In fact, there has been a tremendous growth in livestock & poultry development in the State revealing the true dependency and interest on livestock and poultry farming by the people. This obviously is attributed to various people friendly programmes on different aspect of capacity building of the people.

Government since couple of years back has been putting its best effort in capacitating farmers, unemployed educated youth, SHGs, NGOs etc; to provide themselves opportunity of livelihood for self sufficiency.  Thus, Animal Husbandry sector has been one of the main thrust areas in the process for attaining self sufficiency by 2015.   Considering the above fact the Department has already set certain prime objectives in this sector which benefits the people in true sense thereby minimizing the dependency on the Government.

The main objectives of this Cell are as follows:

  • To have a close interaction with the farmers and expose them to the latest scientific advancement in the field of raising livestock, thereby improving their income and their standard of living.
  • To develop better linkages between the farmers, PRI, Government and the Financing Agencies.
  • To create a platform for the people to achieve self employment.
  • To create convergence of different agencies on a single platform for the common target group.
  • To back up different undergoing missions by providing technologies and skill development among the people and officials.

Different Activities being carried out in order to achieve the  objectives by the  Extension & Training Cell are as follows:-

  • One day Farmers awareness programme/capacity building on Livestock & Poultry Management & Production.
  • One Month Intensive Training Programme along with Practical Exposure to outside the State on Commercial  Poultry  Management  &  Production  for  the  Educated  Unemployed Youth/Entrepreneur.
  • One month training course on Poultry Management & Production for Paravets.
  • Three Days Residential Intensive Training Programme on Dairy, Piggery, Poultry Management & Production for educated unemployed youth of four districts.
  • Five Days Residential Intensive Training Programme on Dairy, Poultry & Piggery Management & Production for Educated Unemployed Youth of four districts.
  • Organization of exhibition/ calf rally in various places of four districts.
  • T.V/ Doordarshan programme on animal husbandry activities.
  • Advertisement of departmental activities in various publications etc.
  • Subscription of Magazines, Journals, Reference Books and newsletters to field Vets.