Product diversification:



The following products are being produced by the Sikkim cooperative Milk Producers Union Ltd.

1.   Pasteurized Fresh Cow milk
2.   Toned Milk (3.00% Fat and 7.5% SNF)
3.   High Cream Milk (4.00% Fat and 8.5% SNF)
4.   Butter 1kg
5.   Paneer 1kg, 200 gm
6.   Curd 500gm, 200gm cup and 100gm cup
7.   Lassi 200gm
8.   Chhurpi 500gm and 1kg

Sikkimilk also has plans to launch two more new products i.e flavored milk and Ice cream in the year 2010-11.

Market Expansion:

Marketing of the milk and milk product is an important aspect in the business. The Sikkim milk Union developed market inside and outside the state of Sikkim in the recent years. It also participates in various Melas and other functions to promote its products.


Improvement in the quality of milk:

We are also following double axis pricing system for quality improvement of the milk apart from the above programmes. As a result of these co-coordinated efforts made due to the project activities the quality of milk has improved and simultaneously marketing has also improved. There are various quality improvement training programmes organized by the union to the societies in order to implement the same. All the societies with the cooling facilities are now collecting milk both in the morning and evening separately and thus the quality has improved to a great extent.

Other Activities:

The Sikkim Milk Union always actively participates in the programs and activities of the government. The union has taken up plantation activities under the State Green Mission and 10 minutes to Greenery program of the state.