Significant Achievements of Sikkim Milk Union In The Year 2009-10

  • For the third consecutive year, the Sikkim Milk Union has earned profit. The bonus to the societies in the form of price difference and employees in the form of ex-gratia for the year 2008 - 09 was distributed in the 13th AGM held on 28th August 09. The bonus price difference to the societies for the year 2009 - 10 will be distributed during the 14th AGM to be held tentatively in the month of August/September 2010.
  • The Sikkim for the first time in the History of Sikkim Milk union, Sikkim Milk Union represented a place in a National Level body and became one of the Board of Directors of National Cooperative Dairy Federation of India (NCDFI)
  • A hike of milk price to the farmers to the tune of over 70.6% increase with the revision of only 50% increase in selling price within a period of three years.
  • First time in the history of Sikkim Milk Union, Employee Gratuity Fund has been subscribed with the LIC to provide confidence among the employees and to avoid liabilities of the Union on this.

Achievements With the Help of IDDP and CMP and RKVY Projects:

Bulk Milk Cooling Machines: One of the major problems of Sikkim being hilly and temperate region is that the evening milk collection at society level and subsequent transportation dairy was a dream. However, this dream has come true in major part of the districts because of installation of Bulk Cooling machines. During the current year Sikkim Milk Union has been able to successfully collect evening milk at least in 31 locations and thus improved the quality to a greater extent and as a result won the confidence of the consumers. Quality being the greater consideration of present day consumers, this effort helped to provide the quality milk to our customers on the one hand and good payment to the producers on the other.

Achievements under RKVY

Under RKVY, Animal Husbandry Department supported for the following essential components of Sikkim Cooperative Milk Producers Union Ltd during the year 2009-10.

  • Induction of one 10 KL capacity Road Milk Tanker to transport increasing milk production in the state.
  • Repair and renovation the existing refrigeration system at Jorethang Dairy Plant.
  • Repair and adequately strengthening of power supply panel in the Gangtok Dairy plant.
  • Strengthening packaging by induction of one new packaging machine in Gangtok Plant.
  • Strengthening of marketing by induction of one medium sized utility vehicle.