The State Cattle Breeding activities are supported by the National Programme on Bovine Breeding (NPBB) of the Government of India programme. The cattle Breeding programme activities in the state of Sikkim is carried out by the Sikkim Livestock Development Board (SLDB) under the Department of AHLF&VS and the Breeding Cell. The project was commenced in the year 2002 onwards as National Project on cattle & Buffalo Breeding and from the year 2014-15 it is renamed as National Programme on Bovine Breeding (NPBB). The activities under this programme has shown a perceptible progress which is visible in the focus areas and thereby economically enriching the farmers of the state. The Project bolsters the programme in various dimensions viz;

Artificial Insemination of cows thereby resulting on high productive cattle population in the state. AI is performed by educated unemployed youths (Private AI workers) and by the Institutional AI workers who undergo training under the Breeding Cell and are provided with input supplies on regular basis.
Natural Service: Natural Service to the Cattle population is performed by good superiority Breeding bulls which are pedigreed. The Breeding Bulls are either purchased from outside state or produced within the state under the programmes of
  a. Intensive Cattle Breeding Area (ICBA) at Dentam, C. Pandum, and Rumtek.
  b. Short Term Area of Bull Procurement Area (STA): Gangtok & Surrounding.
  c. Purchase of bulls from outside State: Anand, Orissa ets.
Cross-Bred Sire Evaluation cum Rearing Center : Cross- bred cattle of Intensive Cattle Breeding Areas of the State has scope of Field Performance Recording system wherein Cross-bred bull calves are produced, where males calves are selected, identified from Elite Bull Mothers and purchased from the Farmers and ultimately reared from 6 months to 2 years at thisCross-Bred Sire Evaluation cum Rearing Center, newly established at Tokal Bermoik. These bull calves after 2 years of age are than allotted to different villages and panchayats for Natural Services.
  Private Bull Calf Rearing Programme : The male calves from Elite bull mothers in the STAs ( Short Term Area of Gangtok & Surrounding) are identified and after signing a covenant with the farmer, these calves are reared at his premises for a tenure of 18 months. This calves after becoming a Breeding Bull and after monthly monitoring when it reaches an age group of 2 years is purchased from the farmer.
Conservation of Indigenous Cattle Breed : SIRI which is considered to be an endangered species of the country and programme of Conservation in-situhas been initiated at two places viz; Regu in East District and Ralong, Pokhori in South & West District. Under the Rastriya Gokul Mission,(RGM) multiple activities on conservation of this cattle breed at these areas are being carried out. Even a SIRI Bull Rearing unit has been established for initiation of the programme.
Insurance: Under the Common Minimum Programme the GoI, SLDB, initiated the programme of Insurance of cows and buffalo in all the four districts. The insurance of Livestock is covered by paying a minimum of the premium by the farmer. The insurance is undertaken by the Oriental Insurance Company after drawing a MOU and signing a covenant.
Training : Training of Private and Departmental Artificial Inseminators are carried out in regular basis as per the curriculum and Training Calendar. Fresh AI Training last for 45 days to 55 days and regular Refresher’s Training are imparted lasting for 3 days each depending on batches.
National Mission on Bovine Productivity: (NMBP) This NMBP is a programme which is also called “ Pashu Sanjivini” is carried out by the Cell/SLDB where, as directed by the Government of India, is entrusted to issue Pashu Adhar. This is recently initiated programme supported by the Government of India and the State Government and the objective is to identify all the milch animal of the state by providing a unique ID no and issuing a “Pashu Adhar no”.

Some activity progress are as under ;

Graphs showing Calf birth from AI & NS

SIRI bull under Siri Conservation Area

Best AI Worker being awarded